8x42mm Porro Binocular


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          See it and take it all in, wherever you are. The Ultima?8x42mm binocular has a wide 7.5�� field of view, nearly four hundred feet wide when measured at a distance of 1,000 yards. It��s the perfect choice for watching deer move through a meadow or a home run ball fly into the bleachers without moving your binoculars. But the possibilities don��t stop there. Ultima?binoculars are great for almost any activity, including sporting events, sightseeing, birding and wildlife observation, hiking, and more!

          These classically styled binoculars use their Porro prism optical design to provide optimal image clarity and depth of field. Their widely spaced objective lenses enable enhanced triangulation between binocular and subject, presenting the observer with a rich, three-dimensional image that only traditional Porro prism binoculars can offer.

          Coatings and Prisms

          binoculars feature fully multi-coated optics. A binocular can be considered ��fully multi-coated�� when all glass surfaces are coated with multiple layers of anti-reflectivity coatings so that the maximum amount of light passes through the glass to the eye. The prisms inside binoculars are made of high quality BaK-4 glass so that more light is reflected off their internal faces and passes through to the eye. Taken together, the fully multi-coated lenses and BaK-4 prisms maximize light transmission for the remarkably bright, highly detailed images.

          The Body

          A durable, synthetic rubber-armored, aluminum housing protects your Ultima?binoculars from damage without weighing you down. Viewing through Ultima?binoculars is comfortable for both eyeglass wearers and non-eyeglass wearers, thanks to the synthetic fold-down rubber eyecups. What��s more, the binocular is fully waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent internal fogging of lenses. Ultima?binoculars can stand up to even the toughest outdoor conditions.

          Perfect for a Variety of Uses

          The Ultima?8x42mm binocular features a close focus of just 13 feet, making it perfect for birders and wildlife observers, general naturalists, museum visiting, and any other activities where close-up viewing may be necessary. For distance viewing, the 8x42mm model offers an ultra-wide field of view so you can easily follow subjects such as birds or insects in flight, athletes on the sporting field or performers on a stage as they move with less need to move the binoculars.

          Ways to Observe

          Keep your Ultima?binocular at the ready with the comfortable included neck strap. It��s also tripod-adaptable, so you can mount it on any standard photographic tripod for extended viewing or digiscoping (photography through the eyepiece). The tripod adapter is sold separately. The binocular also includes a protective padded case for storage and transport.

          Accessories Included

          Ultima?includes an adjustable neck strap that you can customize to be most comfortable for you. The binocular also includes a protective soft case, and eyepiece and objective covers for storage and transport, so you can take it anywhere with confidence.